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25 important questions to ask before you purchase an eBike.

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Purchasing an E bike in many countries has been popular for years. 600,000  ebikes a year and are sold in Germany every year. In the UK it is less than 10% of this amount. This is in large part because ebikes  were until recently just not known about in the UK. There were  cyclists and there were non-cyclists. Non-cyclist would often say that they had not cycled since they were a child. Cycling has grown hugely in popularity in recent years thanks to the exploits of Bradley Wiggins, Chris Frome and others. It is however often seen purely as a sporting pursuit.

Cycling as a sensible form of transport is now beginning to take off in the UK. The government has put millions into improving the infrastructure. Cycling is very good news for the environment. It also has numerous physical and mental health benefits for the rider. Not least if you cycle you know what time you are going to arrive at your destination. Ebikes enable you to cycle good distances, dressed for destination and in all weathers. If there is rain it is easy to wear waterproof clothing over normal clothes, and arrive dry. Above all cycling is fun. You see people and places that you will miss in the car or on a train.

So what are e bikes? Do you need to pedal? The answer is yes,  this is how they work and also to comply with regulations you need to pedal. Otherwise they work exactly the same way as a normal bike. A good e bike will have many power levels, and you choose how much assistance you want from your e bikes, or ” how much help you want from the invisible person pushing you”.  Electric bikes need no insurance and no road tax. If you buy a good bike you just sit on it and pedal off, no extras are needed. All you need is a lock, and most probably a helmet is sensible.

Below is a list of 25 important questions to ask before you purchase.

  1. Do I like the look of the bike?
  2. Is the bicycle well balanced? Ideally the battery will be incorporated in the frame for the best balance
  3. Does the bicycle have a 250 W motor, the maximum allowed
  4. What amp is the battery, this is your best guide to the range of the bicycle
  5. Is the battery made with branded cells? This is the difference between a duracell battery and supermarket brand batteries for battery life.
  6. Is the battery easily removable for remote charging and light?
  7. Is the weight of the bicycle under 23 kg including the battery and all necessary fittings?
  8. Does the bicycle have several different power levels?
  9. Does the bicycle have hub gears to avoid the chain coming off?
  10. Does the bicycle have a good brand of brakes?
  11. Does the bicycle have a puncture proof tyres? This is important as an electric bike is heavier than a normal bicycle.
  12. Is the bicycle comfortable?
  13. Does the bike have full size wheels?
  14. Does the bicycle have integrated lights working off the bicycle’s battery? It is important to be able to turn lights on quickly, and not to have to worry about batteries.
  15. Does the bicycle have a good-looking display showing your speed and other useful information?
  16. Does the bike have an adjustable handlebar?
  17. Does the bicycle have a chain guard to avoid using bicycle clips and spray from the chain?
  18. Does the bicycle have mudguards to avoid spray?
  19. Does the bicycle have a stand?
  20. Does the bicycle have a good 2 year warranty?
  21. Is there a service network for after-care?
  22. Do I like the colours?
  23. Can I charge my phone from the bicycle?
  24. Does the bike qualify for the Cycle to work scheme?
  25. Finally is the bicycle good value for money?

If you need more help contact The Emu bikes Helpline on 02037977555, or visit our contact page.

Happy Cycling.


Emu is more than just an electric bike — it’s a new sense of freedom and fun.

‘Roam Free’ is our mantra because, like the famous bird, we believe an Emu loves to travel and take you to new places.

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