John Inverdale is an Emu fan

"We did some social cycling down in Sussex on some old railway lines that are now official cycle tracks. I’ve used it to go to work, to go to events and to go to Twickenham last week. I think the ease and the comfort is huge. I find the bikes comfort genuinely, almost surprising in how at ease I feel on it. On a clear stretch of road and if you do find yourself a few minutes late you can just click the thing into action and off you go and you are not sweating buckets when you get to the other end. The bikes comfort is surprising and how at ease you feel with it. Going up hills it does take the pressure off. I find it a wonderfully easy and straightforward way of getting from A to B without sometimes the stress of everyday cycling so I’m a big fan, I really am."

John Inverdale

I Love it!

The bike is brilliant. I love it.

Thank you.

Carl Wilson

Quality is excellent!

Really great bike - build quality is excellent.

Thanks again.

Alan Phillips

Excellent packaging and delivery time!

Bike arrived yesterday. Excellent packaging and delivery time. Ordering was very easy through your website. Bike is brilliant. Liked the fact that the pack included future proof items such as touch up paint and spare spokes. On line manuals for set up very clear. Thank you for all of this.


Becky loves her Emu

"I tested quite a few electric bikes last year before I bought my Emu, which I found to be by far the most comfortable and good quality in my price range. The two week trial period was very helpful, as it gave me time to see if my fussy body liked the bike - I'm very tall and have a disability which affects my joints.

I love the size of the battery and the fact that it fits into the frame rather than sitting on top of it, and it lasts a surprising number of miles considering its size. The motor is excellent and helps me pedal with no effort whatsoever on the flat, and is also effective at getting up hills.

The Emu is a very adaptable bike, I have pimped up the handlebars to adapt to my hand pain, and fitted a mirror as I'm blind in one eye.

Emu's customer service and advice is great, and the tyres are excellent quality - I've ridden once a week since June and haven't had a puncture yet."

A keen cyclist uses Emu for commuting

"The EMU electric bicycle has been something of a revelation. I quite often cycle to work using a conventional bicycle, but there are times after a long day that cycling home again is just too much effort and not something I really look forward to. The variable assist that I can get from the EMU means that I can now work as hard or as little as I like. So if I fancy a workout I turn the motor down, and if I need a hand at the end of the day I turn the power up and relax a bit more. This means that I will now use the EMU when previously cycling would have been too much like hard work and I would have taken the car. The other advantage of the EMU is that because of its clever integrated battery design it does not look like an electric bicycle, so it is stylish as well as practical. I often overtake people on conventional bicycles when going uphill, much to their surprise. I can see this mode of transport becoming ever more popular, and the EMU is the ideal machine for this purpose."


Bringing Joy to the School Run

"My EMU bicycle has transformed the daily uphill ride to school from a tiring chore to a relaxed time shared with my daughter. I used to feel breathless during my 15-minute commute - it's now a joy to get on my bike in the morning and be able to talk to my daughter along the way. We both feel comfortable and safe and enjoy this moment together. I have been riding the EMU bicycle for a few months now, and love its ease of use, flexibility as I can chose the power I need, and design. And I am still definitely exercising while using it! "


Totally impressed and I'm back on my bike!

"As a lady of a certain age and not particularly fit I had felt considerable trepidation at the thought of cycling around town. In fact, I hadn’t cycled in the capital since I was an undergraduate nearly thirty years ago! As a busy GP, commuting to work, meetings and visiting patients- a car had been a vital tool until I was introduced to the EMU hybrid bicycle. What an epiphany! From my maiden cycle around Pimlico I was totally impressed with this amazing machine. It has been intelligently engineered so that one is unaware of the weight, so finely is it balanced. Gears and controls are immediately intuitive and easy to control, whilst the basket and potential storage on the rear, mean that my doctor’s bag and shopping can be safely stowed. The ability to switch the power up and down at the touch of a finger enable the rider to vary the energy exerted at any point in the journey. The on- board display allows one to see the speed easily. I am hooked! The Congestion Charge and boring traffic queues are a thing of the past. My daily commute has allowed me to discover the delights of the Thames Path and Battersea Park. I have lost weight, gained fitness and saved money- I can, in truth, practice what I preach to my patients and have encouraged many to take up this fun, accessible and indispensable mode of transport."


Some brief snippets...

"It's a fun machine!" Vincent

"I'm having a blast with it!" Shivaun

"The bike is fantastic, majestic even!" Glenn M

"Absolutely fantastic - literally just the feeling of someone giving you an extra push as you were going along." Glenn S

"It has been superceded by having borrowed it - it's been a revelation… Unbelievable." Robert

"I tried the bike this morning, it was great - effortless!" Isabelle

"Just wanted to say that the Emu is great fun! Really enjoying riding it." Hannah

"Enjoying the bike hugely!" Judith

"I have to say I am having a fair amount of fun with it!" Crispin

" I am delighted with my bike, thank you very much for a very fine product." Robert