Why Electric Bikes?

Save money

There are a few reasons why an electric bike makes a lot of sense as a form of transport… With rail tickets and petrol prices continuing to rise, electric bikes are the perfect alternative to these expensive and often unpleasant means of transport. And with six power levels you can make longer journeys with an e-bike.

For example, a London commuter travelling in from Zone 5, will save up to £2000 compared to their season ticket by opting for an electric bike instead, and the savings could be even more significant for a car user! Emu can be considered as a practical alternative to a second car with range and load carrying capability

Live a healthier life

Cycling provides the unique opportunity to combine physical exercise with getting from A to B, perfect for anyone with a busy schedule who struggles to fit exercise into a daily routine. Electric bikes provide 85% of health benefits enjoyed by traditional cycling.

You will feel better enjoying the great outdoors and have greater mental wellbeing.

Don't sweat it - it's an e-bike

Modern pedal assist motors make even the most strenuous of rides a breeze, meaning you can arrive sweat free and dressed for destination.

Roam free!

Electric bikes allow you to increase your cycling range, and give you the freedom to go to places you’ve never gone before. It also evens up cycling capability allowing partners,  friends and family to cycle together.

Go green

Electric bikes are also a greener option than other means of transport, helping to reduce carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and of course cutting noise pollution levels!

Why get an EMU electric bike?

There are many electric bikes on the market, but the Emu eBike is not like all the others — learn why.

The uphill ride to school with my daughter can now be achieved without me being out of breath at the top.

— Isabelle