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Enjoy riding again with the classic stylish eBike thats changing the perception of cycling.

The stunning Emu Step Through Electric Bike is the perfect choice for leisurely rides to the shops or zipping through the park, boasting a long battery life you can roam free!

All electric bikes are not equal. And there are a few things that make the Emu Electric Bike stand out…

EMU ebikes step through frame

Lightweight Frame

A retro frame and design features complement attention to detail, making Emu as smart to look at as it is fun to ride. This is thanks to the patented in-frame battery that not only looks great but also contributes to the balance and the smooth ride.

The heat-treated, anti-corrosive, aluminium frame makes our electric bicycles both highly durable and one of the lightest e-bikes in their class.

EMU Nexus gear hub for ebike

The best gear system

The Shimano Nexus 7 hub gear system is a proven and respected choice which has significant advantages over choosing a derailleur gear system. You can change gear at any point, not just when you are cycling, they are very useful at traffic lights. You won’t experience the chain coming off and the gears will last longer. The hub gear means all the mechanisms are protected from the elements so they don’t get dirty giving a long service life.

EMU ebike battery

Motor and Battery

Emu’s battery will give you a range of 30-80km off one charge, and with 5 power settings – superb acceleration. You can choose how much of a workout you want, allowing you to move around cities or the countryside with ease.

  • 10.4Ah: 30 to 50 miles , or 50 to 80 km.
  • 14.5Ah: 40- 65 Miles; or 65-100kms.

The removable quick-charging battery can be unlocked and charged in your home or office from a regular mains socket, leaving you safe to lock up your Emu at street level.

EMU bikes Nexus shifter

Brakes and Performance Management

With an Emu Electric Bike you no longer have to worry about sudden stops thanks to the top-quality Shimano Brakes and Gears system that keeps you in control at all times.

To help manage and adjust the bike’s performance to suit your riding needs, Motor and Brake Fingertip Controls are fitted as standard, helping to ensure a pleasant ride throughout your journey.

EMU ebike LCD

Colour Handlebar Display

The new LCD display is packed with features that make it easier to manage our e-bike and monitor your riding habits, including:

  • Speed display
  • Smart battery indicator
  • Odometer with single trip distance tracking
  • Power assist control with 5 settings

Roam Free Today!


I started The Emu Electric Bike Company in 2014. Lithium batteries had developed and a good looking eBike at a great price became a possibility and then a reality. It gives me daily exercise, saves large sums of money, and takes me to places I have never seen before.

The Emu is one of the highest quality electric bikes available, with Shimano brakes and gears, a patented in-frame battery utilising Samsung battery cells with smart management system, puncture-resistant tyres, integrated lights, integrated bell, USB port (Only on the Step Through and Cross Bar eBike, not the Mini), chain guard and a comfortable saddle. 

As well as free delivery, a 2-year warranty and nationwide service back up. Our bikes are stored and shipped promptly from our UK warehouse. 

If you have any questions, you can contact Emu here.

Jonathan Rose – MD Emu Bikes

EMU Bikes white logo

Roam Free Today!

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