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EMU bikes – Keeping up with your mates and going that little bit further

The last few months have meant different things to different people. For those of us who have grabbed the bull by the horns, bitten the bullet and gone all out on the fitness front, what next?

If you’ve dusted off your bike and joined friends on regular rides, first of all, well done – the first step is the hardest, and if you’re keeping it up, bravo! If you’ve exhausted the local routes and you’re hoping to explore a little further afield, an e bike could be worth considering. Getting up that hill to explore the other side or adding a few more miles onto the ride can open up a whole new world. And even better if you can sample a local beer at a different country pub.

Keeping up with your buddies on an ebike

If you just need a little boost to keep up with your friends, one of our excitingly priced electric bikes could be the one for you. You can still get a good workout, stretch your limits and gradually improve as the weeks go by, but for those times when you just need a bit more in the tank, there’s nothing better than an electric bicycle. By choosing between the 5 levels of pedal assist, you can decide how much effort you’d like to put into you cycle ride or how much help you’d like getting up that steep hill.

It’s all in the detail

All of the e bikes from the Emu electric bike company are produced to an extremely high standard. The heat-treated, anti-corrosive aluminium frame makes our bikes highly durable and some of the lightest e bikes in their class.

As standard, our Emu bikes come with a 10.4 36-volt SDI e bike battery powered with Samsung cells, which have an in-built Smart Battery Management System to achieve the lowest self-discharge rate.

Coupled with the powerful 250-watt electric motor, whatever battery you choose will produce all the power you need to tackle steep slopes and hills.

And did we tell you there’s a built-in USB port on the Emu Classic so you can charge your phone on the go? Now, that’s impressive!

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be keen to maintain the healthy changes you’ve made in your life over recent months. Oh, and of course, if you’re waiting for the right time to start your fitness journey, it’s now!

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