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EMU Bikes – Top 5 scenic e-bike rides in London

With lockdown number 3 currently in full swing, we are sure you have exhausted all the local walking routes in London, so it is time to explore further afield with the help of your two wheels. (Battery operated wheels of course).  Due to the reduced road traffic, roads have now become quieter meaning more routes have become accessible to us, however safety while on the roads is key, so ensure you are wearing the right clothing for both the weather and safety.

With canals, reservoirs, 3,000 parks and some of your favourite landmarks, cycling around London on an emu is a joy. Having the fresh air running through your hair and that much needed endorphin boost, you’ll be left contemplating travelling any other way.

Not in London? Why not view some of our electric bike routes near you?

Hyde Park (2.5 miles)
One of the friendliest parks for cyclists, Hyde Park boasts designated cycle routes taking you around the many memorials, fountains, and statues within the park. Although this is a short ride, enjoying Hyde Park to the fullest can take up to an hour but be sure to keep to the cycle tracks when enjoying your ride as fines may apply.
Trail – cycle route, mostly flat

Tamsin Trail (7.4 miles)
The route starts in Richmond Park (London’s biggest royal park). There are a varied number of routes within Richmond Park which can cater to how fast or hard you would like to pedal. However, we would advise taking the off-road track which takes you past Pembroke Lodge and Ham House. The main trail is mostly flat with some good climbs and is suitable for any level of cyclists, including novices. But be sure to watch out for the deer!
Trail – Designated cycle roads, mostly flat

Epping Forest (7.4 miles)
The magnificent Epping Forest gives you a chance to escape the urban atmosphere and explore ancient woodlands. There are no set routes so it’s the perfect place to roam and get lost. We advise taking a lunch and really spending the day exploring the beautiful, wooded retreat.
Trail – No set route, mixture of terrains, route includes hills but mostly flat.

 The Regents Canal (8.6 miles)
If you love canals and narrow boats the Regents Canal is the perfect ride for you. The trail can be joined in several points, starting at Little Venice, and ending in Docklands. The route in an oasis of calm with gorgeous architecture and famous parks like Mile End Park, and Regent’s Park. It’s a route which is sure to give you an escape from the city streets.
Trail – Pavement, towpaths, mostly flat

Tower of London to Big Ben (3 miles)
Living in London, it’s strange how some of us still haven’t seen all the wonders our city has to offer. This is a route perfect for getting the most sightseeing icons in at one go. The route follows a big cycle lane via the river and Victoria Embankment guaranteeing view of The Shard, Tate Modern, Somerset House and many more.
Trail – Roads, pathways, mostly flat.

Do you know any great cycle routes in Bristol? Next month we will be looking at local routes in Bristol and would love some location ideas from our customers. Get in touch at salessupport@emubikes.com to have your ride featured in our next blog.

Not yet on an emu, but want to try one out? Visit one of our stockists or purchase a bike and try it for up to 14 days and then return it if you are not entirely satisfied.  As long as it has light use and is returned in good condition, you will receive a full refund.

Fancy finding out more routes in London. Check out the sustrans and TFL sites which provide some brilliant suggestions and advice on cycling in London.

If you have any questions about emu electric bikes or ebiking in general, our advisors are available to help you. Please call our team on 0203 797 7555,

Keep safe and happy roaming!

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