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EMU Electric bikes – An EMU Christmas and an electric bike new year

With Christmas almost upon us and things opening up a little, now’s the perfect time to write your list for Santa and, of course, plan what presents you’re going to buy for loved ones. With EMU Electric bikes, we’ve got you covered.

If, like many, you’ve discovered a new love for the outdoors, the Emu Classic Electric bikes (either the Crossbar Electric Bike or the Step Through Electric Bike) are perfect for exploring with friends or family. A 2019 study suggests that the average heart rate of a test subject riding an e-bike was 93.6 percent of those riding conventional bikes so there’s no reason to think you’re cheating – it’s shown you’re likely to get more exercise on an ebike because you’ll use it more! And with the rule of six back in full force, there’s no excuse for us all not to get together in small groups and plan some new adventures – even if they are a little closer to home for the next few months.

If the recent changes to working patterns mean that you no longer need to be in the office five days a week, why not add our Emu Classic Crossbar or Step Through Electric Bike to your list? It’s the perfect commuter electric bike, and if it helps you avoid public transport and keep up your fitness at the same time, it’s got to be a good thing. Many of our customers are enjoying the freedom that the Emu Classic Electric Bike, as the modern pedal assist motor allows them to cycle that little bit further than a normal bike and they can dress for work and look fresh and ready when they arrive. A recent study suggests that e-bikes enable you to overcome some of the commonly reported barriers to cycle commuting.

Then there’s the new Roam Bike , which is coming soon. The best priced electric bike in our range, it has just as much of a personality, boasts the same trusted technology, and is a stylish addition to our collection.

Of course, if you’d prefer to actually check out one of our ebikes before you commit, rather than interrupt Santa and the elves at their busiest time, it might be worth taking a trip to one of our stockists calling us on 0203 797 7555. We can answer any questions you may have and tell you all about the benefits of EMU Electric bikes.

And if you’re thinking about a special present for a loved one, what better gift than the freedom to explore a little further afield and enjoy everything that the great outdoors has to offer? And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t appreciate a bit of help on those killer hills?

2 thoughts on “EMU Electric bikes – An EMU Christmas and an electric bike new year”

  1. Given the great torque produced by an electric motor is there not an advantage to be had from routing the power through the gears rather than the front wheel ?

    1. Hi Gordon, there is advantages to all varieties of motors! Our motor gives the bike a great balance, allowing everyone to get riding. Our hub gears, on the classic bike, mean we have to position the motor at the front of the bike. Believe us, you will certainly feel it as soon as you start pedalling!

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