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So, this week Boris wants us to stay at home…or go to work…or eat out…or heed a curfew. If you’re anything like us, you’re struggling to keep up – but it’s so important that we do!

Whatever the latest rules and regulations are, one thing’s for sure: the fear of being around too many other people is real and it’s here to stay. We’re all a lot more comfortable out in the fresh air – if it’s a choice between being outside or on a nervous commute on public transport, we know which we’d prefer.

With an Emu electric bike, you can cycle further and still conserve enough energy for a busy day at work

With e bikes from Emu electric bike company, you can avoid the bus, train and Tube and travel in style. A regular bike requires a certain level of fitness, and that’s great, we’re not advocating that you stop pedalling altogether. But if your commute is a little further than you’re used to cycling, with an e bike you can cruise those extra miles and turn up to work as fresh as a daisy, as the saying goes.

And who’s to say your boss will need you in the office every day? You might be able to continue to work from home more often, so buying a season ticket just doesn’t make sense now. Maybe it’s worth doing the maths to see if you could buy an Emu bike for the same price as your season ticket. A monthly travel card would likely to cost you approximately £200, an Emu bike on the other hand is just £34.50 (including acquisition, clothing, maintenance etc.) For many of our customers, it works out as a cheaper alternative.

Who knows what the next few months, or even years, will bring, but one thing’s for sure, now’s a great time to mix things up and get out on your e bike, get some exercise and change how you travel. What’s stopping you?

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