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Emu vs Gtech Electric Bike – Spec Comparison

EMU vs Gtech ebikes

As the Gtech ebike is being heavily advertised and is a popular choice for many, we thought we would do a comparison between it and the Emu.

While we can admit to some bias on our part, we have tried to compare factual information and bike specs so you can really see which offers better value for money.

We believe everything compared to be accurate with all information on the Gtech obtained from their official website.


The Gtech bike is lighter at 16kg, but this does not include essential accessories like mud guardsbike stand, lights or a pannier rack to carry your stuff with you (one of the big advantages of an e-bike is you don’t mind carrying more weight).

Gtech don’t quote weight with these accessories which are optional extras and we think when all are added the weight would be very similar.


The range of the Gtech is also quoted without accessories. There is a significant difference in battery power and therefore this impacts the range you can cycle. So in reality, the difference in range will be even greater.


The Gtech also has no gears. This does saves weight but not effort and will require you to provide more pedal power when trying to climb hills.

In comparison, the Emu features a seven speed hub gear, allowing you to change gear at any time. Additionally, it has six power settings meaning you are always in control.

Motor & Battery

On the Emu the electric motor powers the front wheel pulling you forward, while you power the the rear wheel. This gives a natural balance, not found in designs using rear hub drives which unbalance the bike.  The battery is also significantly more powerful giving 87% more range than on the Gtech.


The Emu also features wider tyres for more comfort on the road and a puncture resistant design for greater durability and less time and cost in repairs.

Value for Money

With the Emu Electric Bike having many more extras and accessories (including a USB port and a LCD display for the Step Through and the Cross Bar), we firmly believe it offers far better value for money.

If you would like to try an Emu for yourself, we have a range of demonstration centres around the UK where you can take a test ride.

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3 thoughts on “Emu vs Gtech Electric Bike – Spec Comparison”

  1. Theresa Hallgarten

    I like to shop with panniers for groceries, and a small wire basket on the front for handbag and d lock – can I attach a wire basket to an Emu?

    And how much does it weigh?
    Thank you,

    1. enquiries@emubikes.com

      apologies for the slow reply. you can attach a wire basket and a D lock; and the large bike weighs 23kg.
      Best wishes


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