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EMU bikes – Everything you didn’t know about electric bikes

There are so many reasons why everyone’s excited about the electric bike revolution.

Emu electric bikes can be great levelers and fun for all the family. For the homeworker who’s super keen to get out with their friends at the weekend but isn’t quite fit enough to keep up, or the more experienced cyclist who’s got the fitness but wants to push themselves that bit further afield. With the Crossbar, you can.

The promise of the green industrial revolution recently announced by the government, and the target to achieve net zero carbon emissions is, and should be, on all of our minds right now. You can do your bit by using an electric bike to make those small, local journeys right now. When you ditch the car and take the stylish Step Through to work, you can be sure you’re doing your bit to reduce carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Cycling is a super-effective form of exercise as it works you hard without the impact on your joints that running can cause. You can get up and go any time, whenever the urge takes you. Ebikes provide 85% of health benefits enjoyed by traditional cycling but of course if having the modern pedal assist motor when you need it, allows you to go that extra 15% further, surely there’s an argument that you’re getting 100% of the benefits?

Getting out in the fresh air is a key focus for all of us right now and with the small matter of a global pandemic, keeping fit and healthy outdoors is even more appealing. The positive effect on our mental health is well-recognised and of course, using an ebike instead of public transport will not only reduce your risk of infection but will also save you money.  

In these extraordinary times, we must be grateful for everything that great outdoors has to offer. On an ebike, social distancing is included as standard!

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