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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to ask about an Emu Electric Bike...

Most frequent questions and answers

If the bike is available on our website we have stock and are able to make delivery.  We can deliver Monday to Friday. Saturday delivery can be arranged upon request and will incur an additional charge. (see ‘Where Can My Electric Bike Be Delivered’ FAQ for more info).

Max rider weight is 100kg (15.5 stone) for the mini and the full size bicycle can take a further 20kg (3 stone on the rear panniers and some weight on the front handlebars.

Evo Mk 1 – 18.5kg
Roam Mk 2 – 23kg
Classic Mk 3 – 24kg

Our e-bikes are some of the lightest in their class of specification.

This can be recharged on the bike or you can easily remove the battery and charge it with the portable charger.  We recommend frequent recharging for best battery performance.

From flat, the battery will take 6-7 hours to fully recharge, but it can be topped up with a 1-2 hour recharge.

 You can also purchase an additional battery.

Any qualified bike mechanic can service the bike. The Shimano gears and brakes, CST / Kenda tyres, Enviolo hub gears and lights are familiar brands to bike shops and repair centres. Most parts are standard bicycle parts.

The bike is designed to be easy to repair, it has modular wiring. If you have an issue with the power, the battery or wiring then EMU can support you over the phone.

We recommend the excellent Velo City Cycling mobile repair service www.velocitycycling.co.uk to visit you directly at work or home within the M25; or any of our retailers which are local to you.

We offer a 2-year warranty for the Emu Classic and 1-year warranty for the Roam and Evo on the frame, motor, battery & charger, controller & display, sensors and paintwork. You must service and maintain your bike as per the full details of our warranty and terms and conditions.

Our new range has a frame serial numbers in 2 locations. The Evo’s serial number can be found on the head tube, while the Roam & Classic has the serial number under the bottom bracket (on the underside of the frame by the pedals).

Our previous range (Roam Mk 1 & Classic Mk 2) has serial number on the back of the seat post.

There are electric sensors built into the pedal area, when they recognise the bike is being pedalled, they kick in the electric motor which drives the front wheel to power you forward, with your effort going to the rear wheel as a normal bike. 

As soon as you stop pedalling, brake or reach 15.5mph (25km) the motor cuts out.  You can go faster but then it is under your own power.  Because you exert little effort starting, going up hills, you can control how much exercise you will take.  You are always pedalling so there are significant health benefits and studies have shown, you receive at least 80% of the benefit of cycling a normal bike, most probably more as you will use the Emu more. 

Any standard UK socket, the charge is supplied with the bike.  If you wish to have one at home and one at work, an additional charger is £39.99. 

If you are purchasing outside the UK, please be aware you will need an adaptor or need to purchase a separate cable locally.

In summary, you must be over 14 years old to ride and the motor must have a maximum power output of 250 watts and cut out at 15.5mph (25 km). Other than that, it is the same as a conventional bike, you can ride in parks, on one-way streets and cycleways etc. where permitted.

Emu’s power consumption costs under £20 per year.  Servicing would be dependent on usage but should be approximately £70 per year for two six monthly services. Per 100km, an Emu would cost you an average of £0.16 per month compared with a car which costs £10.2, or even a bus (£3) and train (£3.2). For more details on how an Emu Bike could save you money, please see ‘Why An EMU Electric Bike’.

We deliver to England, Wales and Scotland (currently not Northern Ireland). Free daytime delivery is available for UK mainland addresses Monday to Friday, this is a courier service usually with an 8am-5pm time slot. We can arrange delivery for Saturday upon request and for a small additional charge. Delivery is typically made 3-5 days after purchase.

Alternatively, you can arrange for the bike to be delivered to a convenient demonstration centre, who can assemble the bike (bikes arrive 98% assembled). Please discuss with your demonstration centre when ordering.

For deliveries outside of UK mainland, delivery may take up to a week and there will be additional charges. Simply place your order and the delivery charges will show automatically.

Everything you see in the photos – e-bike, battery, charger, stand, pannier rack, lights, puncture resistant tyres and tools required for final assembly is included in the price together with the Quick Start Guide which explains all the required steps to assemble.  See assembly question.

We have a range of carefully sourced and selected accessories for you to consider which can be purchased with the bike or separately.

The manual for your bike can be found here.

There is a USB port on all of our 2021 range displays. The Classic and Roam also have an additional port on the battery. You need the correct cable for your phone, and we recommend a phone holder for the handlebars so you can easily and safely navigate around town and country.

The bike is delivered 98% assembled. It arrives in a very large box. You wheel the bike from the box, straighten and adjust the handlebars using the supplied Allen keys.

Then, fit the pedals using the supplied spanner.

You then need to fully charge the battery.

It is straightforward and explained in the supplied Quick Start Guide. Although for safety we recommend the bike is at some point checked by a bike mechanic to ensure everything is correctly tightened.

You can choose to have your bike assembled by your local demonstration centre or any good bike shop. Or you can have the bike assembled and checked for you by a mobile service. Our recommended service agents – VeloCity inside the M25 or any of your local Emu retailer.

Check with your Employer which Cycle To Work (C2W) Scheme they are registered with and follow the relevant instructions. We recommend The Green Commute Iniative (GCI) but also have partnerships with most other schemes. Please go to our ‘Cycle to Work Scheme‘ page for more info.

Please see our list of demonstration centres and events, or we can deliver to your home for you to test (see ‘Where Can My Electric Bike Be Delivered’ FAQ for more info). Bikes can be returned within 14 days (see our returns policy here).

Yes, this is a pedal assisted electric bike, but the 5 levels of power really help.

Yes, as you choose, but you should get at least 80% of the exercises of a conventional bike, probably more as you will use your Emu more.

There is no problem to use your Emu in all weathers, all the electrical components are waterproof and weather-sealed. Like any bike, however, over time leaving a bike in rain will age the bike and components more rapidly. Avoid leaving your bike outside in the rain without a good cover. If possible, store the bike in a dry, warm environment away from damp and moisture.

We recommend that if you are cycling in wet weather that you dry the bike down with a towel or cloth after use. After each wet or muddy ride we recommend removing the battery and drying the base of the battery and the electrical contact points.

We estimate from 5ft 1” to 6ft 2” should be very suitable, but every individual is different, and we have happy customers above and below these heights. You can always try an Emu for yourself at one of our demonstration centres or events.

For the Emu Classic: 10.4 Amp Battery 30-50 miles or 60-80 kilometres. 14.5Amp Battery 40-65 miles or 65 to 100 kilometres.

For the Emu Roam: 10.4 Amp Battery 27-45 miles. 14Amp Battery 35-55 miles.

There are a number of factors; your weight, how many hills, what power setting and the temperature will all affect your range. You may well be able to travel much further. In some of our tests we covered over 100 miles. There is currently no agreed industry standard and other manufacturers may quote different numbers.

All our bikes have Schrader tyre valves.

Yes, you can. Though our bikes are light for their class, E-bikes are heavier than conventional non-assisted bikes, so expect cycling unassisted without battery power to be harder than on a normal bike.

Top Tip: Purchase an additional battery so you can double your range! Or, take your charger with you if you plan on a making a long journey and charge the battery as you make your stops.”

By law, electric bicycles are not permitted to have a throttle and must be pedal assisted.

Though if you choose to, our top level of power assistance (Level 5) will do most of the work for you. Pedal assist also means you take advantage of all the health benefits of cycling unlike with a throttle! (See ‘Do You Get Any Exercise’ FAQ for more info).

No, but some of our retailers do! You can search for them here.

We don’t offer a bike repairs for non-Emu bikes, but we strongly recommend Velo City Cycling for cycling repairs within the M25 or any of our retailers which are local to you. Most reputable bike shops will be able to make any repairs you might require.

The exact lifespan of a battery is impossible to calculate and is strongly dependent on the care you give it. Just like your phone battery, overextended duration of use and unnecessary additional stress will reduce its lifespan.

That said, there are some things you can do to extend the life of your battery: Batteries should be stored away from direct sunlight in a dry and room temperature environment, preferably kept between 40-60% charge if not in use. When in frequent use, regular charging is also recommended.

Our Samsung batteries are reputable and well-built and given the correct care, will last you for years to come.

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