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It’s Not a Pandemic for the Electric Bike

Although the social and financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt deeply by all of us, the electric bike and its riders found some brightness in the gloom. One of the unexpected upsides of the pandemic was that a lot of traffic disappeared from the roads during, and following, lockdown. Demand threatened to outstrip supply as more people invested in ebikes for work, or for daily exercise. The electric bike fulfilled a need during the first lockdown and is continuing to do so now. Ebikes are currently enjoying a boom and have proved to be a blessing in times of great stress.

So Many Reasons to Get an Electric Bike

With many people working from home during the first lockdown, the roads became a safer proposition for many, encouraging even the more cautious rider to venture out. Commuter traffic no longer snarled up city centres and the nation’s highways were quiet. It was the perfect time for electric bike riders to get out and enjoy unprecedented road conditions.

For those still needing to travel to work but wishing to avoid public transport because of the COVID risk, the electric bike opened up many new possibilities. By June 2020, traffic was estimated to be down by 14% on the 12 months prior, and for those looking to ride for exercise or to just as a means of spending time outside, the electric bike was the answer.

With an electric bike you can travel further than with a standard bike. It’s a far greener option than a car, and if you are commuting you can arrive at your work sweat-free and ready for the day. There’s no need to worry about finding a change of clothes and the time for a shower.

An electric bike keeps you healthy, saves you money and is fun. It’s no wonder that ebike sales were reportedly up 88% in the first half of 2020 compared to H1 2019!

Why Use a Car When You Have an Ebike!

If you started working from home because of the pandemic, you may have found you’re hardly using your car anymore, particularly as both short and longer journeys are so easy with an electric bike. With a range of 30-80 km from one charge giving you a smooth, balanced ride, it couldn’t be simpler. Why would anyone use an expensive-to-run car that contributes to congestion, air and noise pollution if they didn’t have to? And we all know it is far better for our mental and physical health to get fresh air and exercise when possible.

Those who enjoy trail biking will find that with an electric bike it’s literally no sweat to ride to your destination and back and still have all the energy you need for off-roading while you are there. If the stress, hassle and expense are taken out of getting there, it’s far easier to just get going! It’s not surprising that more people are spending more time out on their bikes.

As more people embrace active travel, even the British government has got on board with a £2bn plan to “embed the benefits of walking and cycling into how we live, work and get around”. Ebikes are an essential element of this vision and we are proud to be leading the (electric) charge!

If you have any questions about EMU electric bikes or ebiking in general, our advisors are available to help you. Please call our team on 0203 797 7555,

Alternatively, you can contact us by email, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to speaking with you!

Happy ebiking!

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