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Miranda Krestovnikoff Review

Countyfile cycling on Emu ebike

Well, they have just arrived. 2 huge boxes are now sitting in my hallway. It’s been a busy few days with work but I made myself a cup of tea and found a spare few minutes to open them up. You know how it is when something new arrives – you worry that it is going to takes ages to put together and the instruction booklet is huge and the whole task seems overwhelming. Not so with the Emu bikes – I expected to be battling with spanners and allen keys for over an hour, instead – barely 20 minutes later I had 2 completely assembled bikes. Instructions were easy to follow and incredibly straight forward. So now I’m ready to go!

First trip – taking my son to cubs. Not an adventurous first outing but I need to know how this whole “electric bike” thing works. So, a quick 5 minutes cycle into the village and back seems like the best plan. We live at the top of a hill and every time I cycle anywhere, the bit I dread most is the last 100 m: you’re tired, hungry, and yet the final push is up a hill. No effort on the Emu bike – it’s breeze!

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