E-Bike Battery 9Ah 324Wh Pre 201836V

£ 250.00

Never run out of juice again by having a spare battery.

By having an extra battery to-hand you remove the unnecessary stress of waiting for a full charge. It also provides you with peace of mind on those extra-long journeys.

Designed for use in  all of our electric bikes up to (but not including) 2018 models, the 36 volt SDI eBike Battery (powered with Samsung battery cells) has an in-built ‘Smart Battery Management System’ to achieve the lowest self-discharge rate, helping to increase battery life from a single charge.

The battery provides enough power to tackle steep slopes and can be easily removed and fitted into the frame.


  • Model: 324Wh with Samsung battery cells
  • Voltage: 36
  • Amp Hours: 9
  • Avg. Distance: 40-80km
  • Charge time: 6-8 hours from flat

Compatible with all of Emu's Bike Models Pre 2018

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