Super Parenting Bundle - Blue Step through e-bike - Save £220

£ 1799

Save £220 on our eBike and Child Trailer Kit Bundle!

Our Super Parenting Bundle includes everything you need to simply and safely ride with your children and saves you a total of £220.

What the bundle includes:

Step-through Electric Bike (Blue)

The stylish and practical Emu Step-Through eBike is both lightweight and powerful. Its 250w motor makes stationary acceleration or going up-hill easy, the top-quality Shimano Brakes and Gears system allows you be in control at all times and the highly durable non-corrosive aluminium frame ensures the bike will continue to produce peak performance for years to come.

Thule Cougar 2 Child Carrier

The two seater child trailer from Thule earned the coveted Mumsnet ‘Best’ Award in 2016 and is the safest multipurpose child carrier on the market.

Emu Bicycle Cargo Bag

Waterproof and lightweight, the Emu Bicycle Bag has up to twenty litres of storage space.

Kryptonite Bike Lock

The sophisticated manufacturing of the Kryptonite Bike Lock protects your eBike from various types of theft techniques thanks to its Sold Secure Gold rating and a Thatcham Cat3 approval.

Truflo Easitrax 3 Track Pump with Gauge

Designed to save both time and effort, the Truflo Easitrax 3 Track Bicycle Pump allows for fast and easy tire inflation thanks to its durable steel barrel system.

Please note: If you would prefer a different option of the Thule Child Carrier Trailer or would like it in a specific colour, please contact us at for a quote. Please allow 7 days from order for this product.

Available eBike Bundles

Bringing Joy to the School Run

"My EMU bicycle has transformed the daily uphill ride to school from a tiring chore to a relaxed time shared with my daughter. I used to feel breathless during my 15-minute commute - it's now a joy to get on my bike in the morning and be able to talk to my daughter along the way. We both feel comfortable and safe and enjoy this moment together. I have been riding the EMU bicycle for a few months now, and love its ease of use, flexibility as I can chose the power I need, and design. And I am still definitely exercising while using it! "


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