Becky loves her Emu Electric Bike

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Becky has had her blue Emu step-through e-bike since June 2016 and has shared her experiences with us:

I tested quite a few electric bikes last year before I bought my Emu, which I found to be by far the most comfortable and good quality in my price range. The two week trial period was very helpful, as it gave me time to see if my fussy body liked the bike - I'm very tall and have a disability which affects my joints.

 I love the size of the battery and the fact that it fits into the frame rather than sitting on top of it, and it lasts a surprising number of miles considering its size. The motor is excellent and helps me pedal with no effort whatsoever on the flat, and is also effective at getting up hills.

The Emu is a very adaptable bike, I have pimped up the handlebars to adapt to my hand pain, and fitted a mirror as I'm blind in one eye. Emu's customer service and advice is great, and the tyres are excellent quality - I've ridden once a week since June and haven't had a puncture yet.

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