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Posted on By Nick Harris-Fry,

The Ride : The chunky size and weight of the Emu e-Bike made for a very comfortable ride. The assist isn’t the quickest to respond when you first start pedalling, but it jolts into action quickly enough that you’re not left holding everyone up at traffic lights. There are six levels of assist on the Emu, and the motor is powerful enough that for anything but the steepest hills you’ll be fine in one of the two “Eco” modes.

Display :  The handlebar-mounted display has all the info you’d want, including speed, assist level and battery life.

Battery :  If you’re happy in Eco, the battery will get you through a week’s commuting easily. However, when I ventured into higher levels of assist, battery bars disappeared alarmingly quickly, so a midweek charge will be needed if you regularly crank up the motor.

Stairs Challenge:  Doable. The Emu is heavy but well-balanced, and can be maneuvered up a tight staircase.

Verdict:  An excellent all-round option, with a stylish design, good range, and a very comfortable ride. The battery can struggle when off the flat but it would be ideal for most commuters, especially given its relatively low price of £1,299.

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