Crispin's Emu e-Bike Experience

Posted on By Emu Bikes,

The Emu electric bike has been something of a revelation. I quite often cycle to work using a conventional bicycle, but there are times after a long day that cycling home again is just too much effort and not something I really look forward to. The Emu’s variable assist motor means that I can now choose how hard I work. So if I fancy a workout, I turn the motor down, and if I need a hand at the end of the day I turn the power up and relax a bit more. This means that I will now use the Emu when previously cycling would have been too much like hard work and I would have taken the car.

The other advantage of the Emu is that because of its clever integrated battery design it goes against the look of the conventional electric bicycle, so it is stylish as well as practical. I often overtake people on standard bicycles when going uphill, much to their surprise. I can see this mode of transport becoming ever more popular, and the Emu is the ideal machine for this purpose.


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