Emu Eggstra Special Easter Offer

Posted on By Emu Bikes,

Emu eggs are really quite impressive…each is the equivalent of 12 normal eggs and can take 90 minutes to cook. Emus are the world's second largest bird and lay an egg every three days. The eggs are delicious and great for cooking. Emus can also sprint at up to 31 mph (50 km/h).

Emu Electric Bikes are also very impressive, and also come in some stunning colours. The most stylish of e-bikes with a built-in battery, front hub motor and rear Shimano hub gears for great balance and acceleration. This means it's even better to go to work on than an egg, and you’ll get there faster.

A great gift for Easter at only £1199 and for April only our Cross Bar bikes also come with a free clothing bundle worth £120.


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