Our Electric Bikes Make Great Child Carriers

Posted on By Emu Bikes,

Holly is a busy mum of two children and wanted to find an electric bike that fitted into her schedule and made life easier.

"I spent ages researching an electric bike to assist me in transporting my 2 children on the school run, but also to enjoy leisurely cycles with them. Having done this for a while with a normal bike I found it too tiring and not very enjoyable.

"I chose the Emu Step Through e-Bike because it looks good, the battery is located in the down tube (and therefore wouldn't interfere with a bike seat), the motor is located in the front wheel (which meant I could tow my eldest daughter with my tandem follow me), it is excellent value for money and available through the cycle scheme.

"I am so very pleased with my Emu bike. It has made riding with the girls fun again. I commute to work on it (16mile round trip). It still feels like good exercise without wiping me out for the day. The battery still says full at the end of the day.

"To be able to carry two children I needed a follow me tandem (not cheap, but a sound investment), a follow me adapter for solid axles (2 little nuts which you need to be able to attach it to the bike www.followmetandem.co.uk). The pannier rack which comes included with the emu bike and a Hamax caress bikes seat with universal rack adapter with suspension. I also chose an Onguard combination lock.

"Because of the weight of the bike with the children on it, I sometime find it difficult to balance as I get going, but you do soon get used to it. The kids love it and we now would all rather be on this than travel by car. It has ticked all the boxes on my extensive wish list.

"Other nice features of the Emu bike include the integrated lights, lockable battery and easy to use control screen.

"The customer care from emu has been amazing. I would thoroughly recommend this bike and the company. "


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