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Here's a summary of the Ebiketips preview of the Emu Bike, you can find the article as below:


Just in: Emu Step Through

Hub-powered city cruiser with integrated battery

Next in through the big revolving bike door at the ebiketips office is this: the Emu Step Through. It's a fully-specced city bike with a front hub motor and an integrated down tube battery that retails for £1,199.

Emu basically make two models, a diamond-frame (the Crossbar), and this one with a single large down tube and a low-step design for ease of getting on and off. That big down tube is designed to hold the battery, a 374Wh pack made from Samsung cells.

It's a pretty neat integration and the battery is easy to pull in and out for charging, or you can charge it in situ if you prefer. The battery powers a fairly standard 250W front hub motor and you get a bar-mounted LCD display to tell you what's going on.

The LCD gives you access to the six levels of assistance, as well as giving you normal computer functions such as speed, distance and so on. You can also turn the lights on and off from the console, and there's a backlight for riding in the dark. It also gets a USB port for charging your phone on your way in to work, if you forgot to plug it in overnight.

The riding position of the Emu is pretty upright: it's a short-hop kind of a bike, and the wide saddle takes most of your bodyweight. Emu haven't specced a suspension fork, which is good as you don't really need one and they tend to be pretty flexy with a front hub motor. The 45mm CST tyres are on hand to soak up the lumps and bumps.

The Emu uses a Shimano Nexus 7-speed hub gear; that means the chain is always in the same position so fitting a full chain case is easy; Emu has taken the opportunity to spec one that covers the whole of the chainring at the front so your good trousers should be pretty safe.

The whole bike weighs just over 23kg; there's a walk assist function to help you move it about when you're not riding. Emu claims a range of 40-80km. In hilly Bath we'll be at the bottom end of that as we chug down to the centre and back up to the outskirts. We'll post a full review of the Emu soon: stay tuned.


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