Emu versus the Tube

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Put your hand up if you’ve ever felt a sense of dread about using the Underground! If it is not a delay or a strike it is the heat and overcrowding! Whilst we are sure that some commuters have patience commensurate with sainthood — having to nestle beneath the armpit of a fellow commuter whilst stressing about being late for work again — we felt it was time to compare a journey by Tube to an eBike in our own commuter bike test.

We decided to pit our new Emu electric bikes against the mighty Northern & Victoria Lines in a straight commuting sprint and chose to commute from my home, a North London N20 postcode, finishing at BBC Broadcasting House in W1 Central London.

Having won the toss, Andreas chose to ride the Emu so, with watches duly synchronised, we both set off. The morning was damp and humid however my walk to Totteridge tube station was, I must admit, quite enjoyable. I got the first Bank train and managed to get a seat, as the train became increasingly packed, the temperature rose and by the time I changed at Euston to get the Victoria line to Oxford Circus my shirt was damp with sweat — all the while Andreas was cruising cool and free on the Emu.

I arrived at Broadcasting House hot, sweaty and not a little stressed to see the tall figure of Andreas waiting patiently, looking immaculate if not a tad smug! My journey took an hour – his was 45 minutes.

Whilst we don’t expect that the Emu electric bike will be faster than the tube from every London postcode, it should certainly cost less — and be sweat and stress free!

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