Get fit with an Emu Electric Bike

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Get fit with an Emu Electric Bike

We can’t all be superhuman like our fantastic Paralympic athletes but Emu and electric bike power can man make life a little easier. And new research shows it can also make you fitter.

This recent report in the Times by Peta Bee, reproduced below, noted that not only are electric bikes becoming more popular with the public, royalty and celebrities alike but that there really are health benefits to using them as the findings from a survey by the University of Colorado show:

‘Are they really a poor excuse for exercise? Surprisingly, studies are showing that they can actually help you to shed pounds. In a trial, researchers recruited a group of office-based couch potatoes and issued them with ebikes so that they could ride to work. They wanted to find out whether the daily pedalling had an effect on fitness, even though it was power-assisted.

‘Each volunteer underwent laboratory tests of body composition, aerobic fitness, blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure before being given an ebike, a heart rate monitor and a GPS device, and sent on their way. They were asked to commute on the battery cycles at least three times a week for a month, spending a minimum of 40 minutes in the saddle, but at any speed they felt was comfortable.

‘When they returned to the lab four weeks later, most of the subjects had ridden up to 50 per cent more than their required daily tally and at a greater intensity than expected. It meant that even with the help of battery power they had accumulated a level of daily activity comparable with a moderate workout, such as a jog, a power walk or a gentle swim. What’s more, tests revealed they had less body fat and better aerobic fitness than when they started, and had controlled wayward blood sugar levels. Reporting in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, the researchers noted how most of the participants had described their ebiking as “fun” and several had bought battery bikes for themselves.

‘Most people who buy ebikes aren’t after a top-speed adrenaline rush. In the University of Colorado trial, cyclists were content to cover the ground at a moderate 12mph. There is, of course, a novelty factor to the ebike and I’m not sure it wouldn’t wear off. That said, I can see the appeal when I get off the train after a hard day and am faced with an unassisted uphill pedal all the way home.’

The survey’s findings support previous research and show that the pedal assist of an Emu electric bike means you are still exercising every time you ride it. This news may well encourage you ride further and faster than you ever did before and of course as you can control how much effort you are putting in you can dress for destination.

Article and research sourced as quoted from Times online 13th September 2016.


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