How to Care for Your e-Bike Battery

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Here at Emu, our range of electric bikes use lithium batteries which store large amounts of energy and keep their charge for long periods of time. They are designed to be durable, easy to maintain and long lasting.

There are some very simple steps any e-bike owner can take to help keep their battery performing at its peak for as long as possible.

Day to Day Use

When using your bike every day, it is important to keep the battery charged as well as monitor your tyre pressure:

Keeping the Battery Topped-Up

Unlike older batteries, modern e-bike lithium batteries do not need to be completely drained before recharging. This means it is perfectly fine to recharge your Emu bike battery after every ride, including short trips.

Regularly draining the battery to a zero charge state can reduce the overall capacity, affecting how far a single charge can take you.

On an Emu bike, you can see the charge left in the battery via the display meter located on the top-plate of the battery. The four bars will indicate that there is 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% battery left respectively when you press the on/off button.

If you do completely drain the battery, it is recommended you charge it fully as soon as is convenient. This is because leaving a battery uncharged for long periods can affect the longevity and performance (see the Optimal Storage Battery Charge section).

When charging the battery, the LCD light on the charger will be red. Once the battery is fully charged, this will turn green.

To maximise battery life, you should always turn off the battery when it is not in use. On an Emu, this can be done by pressing and holding the on/off button until the top light on the battery turns off.

Keep an Eye on Your Tyre Pressure

Keeping your e-bike maintained will help the battery stay in good condition and performing as it should. One of the most common drains on a battery is when riders forget to keep an eye on their tyre pressure.

Under-inflated tyres increase drag and cause the motor to work harder. This means you will get less miles per charge.

Tyre pressure is measured by PSI and our Emu bikes should have a 45-65 PSI to ensure that the battery is performing optimally.

Most bicycle pumps have a pressure gauge on them and we recommend either the Airess Pump or Easitrax 3 Track bike pumps by Truflo.

Storing for Long Periods

If you are not going to be using your e-bike for a few months, then you should keep in mind the storage conditions and the overall charge of the battery:

Temperature Ranges

The 36V Samsung Battery which is used in all our bikes is unaffected by temperatures ranging between -10 and +60 degrees. But to ensure longevity, it is recommended that it is stored at room temperature; between 15 and 20 degrees.

If you are not planning on using your e-bike for a long periods (such as winter) and are storing the bike outdoors, in the garage or shed, then it is recommended that you remove the battery from the bike and keep it indoors. Storing it indoors also helps keep out moisture.

After a long storage period, remember to lightly wipe down the battery before placing back into the bike. This helps ensure that any build up of grime and dust is removed and doesn’t add unnecessary heat when in use.

Optimal Storage Battery Charge

To help maintain the performance of the battery, it should not be stored for long periods while flat.

A batteries self-discharge rate (the rate in which it goes flat without use) is at its highest when the battery is at full charge. It is therefore recommended that the battery is stored at around 60 to 80% charge.

 You must charge it every two months (eight weeks) for at least an hour so that battery is at or above 50% capacity.

Using the Correct Charger

When you buy an e-bike from us it will of course come with a charger. It is recommended that you only use the charger supplied to charge the battery. Failing to use the correct charger is hazardous and can cause serious damage to the battery. In some cases it can even result in a fire.

Due to these potential dangers, it is not recommended to use any third party chargers which even have the same voltage, current and polarity as the battery supplied.

You can buy a spare charger for your Emu bike here.

Battery Disposal

An e-bike battery is no different from any other lithium based battery. So if you need to dispose of your battery for any reason, then it should be taken care of responsibly.

In the UK, most local authorities provide battery recycling or collection. Using the government’s official website you can easily find a disposal service near you by simply entering your postcode.


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