How to Care for Your Electric Bike at Home

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Like any non-powered bicycle, an electric bike will need some TLC to maintain peak performance. But just because an e-bike has a motor, this doesn’t mean regular bike care is any more complicated.

There are five simple things to take care of to keep your bike running smoothly:

  1. Tyre pressure
  2. Battery care
  3. Chain lubrication
  4. Cleaning
  5. Servicing

Tyre Pressure

One of the most common problems that effect e-bike performance is under-inflated tyres. Poor tyre pressure will increase drag, cause the motor to work harder and effect handling. So if you start noticing that you are getting less miles from a single battery charge or you are finding the bike harder to control, then your tyre pressure is the first thing you should check.

Tyre pressure is measured by PSI (pounds per square inch) and all tyres will have a recommended PSI labelled on the tyre itself. All of our Emu Electric Bikes have a recommended PSI of 45-65.

Most bike pumps will have a pressure gauge attached (we recommend either the Airess Pump or Easitrax 3 Track bike pumps by Truflo). You should check the pressure around every two weeks or at least once a month.

Battery Care

As well as looking after your tyres, proper battery maintenance is important. A well looked after battery can provide peak performance for four or five years.

Our e-bikes use a 36 volt SDI Battery which also has an inbuilt Smart Battery Management System to help increase battery life. It is also a lithium based battery so there is no memory system. This means you can charge it regularly without damaging its longevity.

There is no need to charge battery every day, but it is recommended that it is recharged after every bike ride.

You should also avoid leaving the battery uncharged for long periods as this may cause damage. So when your e-bike is not in use, you should plug the battery in at least every two months for one hour.

The battery compartment on our electric bike range is water resistant, so riding in the rain and through puddles is not an issue. However, in very cold weather, such as frost and snow, it is recommended that you remove the battery from the bike and store it indoors.

Bike Chain Lubrication

Having a well lubricated bike chain is as important for an e-bike as it is for a non-motor bicycle. It is in constant motion and is exposed to the elements, so ensuring there is enough lubrication on the chain helps keep your bike moving freely and stops long term damage being caused to other parts of the bike.

If you use your electric bike on a daily basis, then you should lubricate the chain occasionally.

To lubricate effectively, first, you will need to thoroughly clean the chain and jockey wheels. If you use a decreaser, make sure you wash it off before adding any lubricate.

Next, you should use Dry Bike Lubricate in the warm, summer months and Wet Bike Lubricate in wetter, winter months. Apply this directly to the chain and jockey wheels. Always make sure you wipe away excess lube as this attracts dirt and you may end up with grimy paste after a few rides.


As well as keeping the chain clean and lubricated, keeping the rest of your Emu e-bike sparkling helps reduce general wear and tear.

Apply a degreaser on the chain to help remove the build up of black grime. Using washing up liquid and hot water should be fine in dealing with dirt on the frame, seat, spokes, tyres and handles.

After wiping down the rest of the bike with a sponge, wash off the degreaser you applied to the chain and don’t forget to re-lubricate!


All bikes should be serviced regularly, regardless of if they have a motor or not, by a bicycle mechanic to make sure the bike is safe and running smoothly.

As e-bikes achieve higher speeds than conventional bikes, the brake pads come under extra strain due to the need to brake more strongly. This means it is doubly important to get a full, regular service from a qualified electric bike mechanic.

You should get the bike serviced at least once a year. If you are using your bike for daily commutes, then more frequent servicing will be needed.

Here at Emu, we have a nationwide network of service engineers. Find a local one near you on our Support Page.

No Added Stress

Apart from the battery, all the above maintenance and care advice applies to both electric and conventional bikes. And as our powerful 36v Samsung battery is robust and lithium based, it needs very little attention.

So as well as effortlessly peddling uphill and going on leisurely rides, you can Roam Free on an e-bike stress free.


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