Matjaz’s Emu e-Bike Story Pt. 1

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This is the first part of a three-part series of posts from Emu rider Matjaz. Read the first part and second parts of his electric bike experience.

My name is Matjaz and I’m an enthusiastic mountain-bike rider who has recently moved to London. I got a pretty good job but I had one problem… transport. When I first moved to London I had my own car. I was happy with it until I tried getting to the centre of London (where I first met the congestion charge), or I was trying to park near my apartment (mission impossible) with any free spaces usually taken by the time I got home. This meant I had to park far away or end up paying for a parking space. On top of this, the journey to work would take 45 minutes, and the journey back would take 1 hour and 20 minutes. Overall when you think about costs of petrol, parking, registration, maintenance and car insurance it seemed like a lot of hassle. That is why I decided to make a change.

I sold my car and bought a monthly bus ticket. The commute between my apartment and job is not that bad. Or so I thought. Usually I got up at 5am. I drank a cup of coffee, ate breakfast and at 05:35 I went to the bus stop. It took me approximately 10 minutes to get to the stop. At about 5.50 am the bus came and it took 20 minutes to get to a 2nd bus. If I was lucky the 2nd bus started one minute later – If I was not so lucky I had to wait for 20 minutes for next one. Then I was sitting in a bus for 40 minutes till the last stop, and at the end I had to walk for 10 minutes to get to work. If we are calculating I needed 1h20min to get to work assuming I caught the next bus immediately or plus twenty minutes if I caught the following one. Returning from work (at approximately 17 00 or 18 00 hours), the journey home lasted almost 2 hours. After one month I spent on public transport 3 hours or more per day. If you ask me… that was too much. Another change was needed.

It all began when I checked online pages for electric bicycles. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know what to expect until I tried it. Having to wear a suit at work means that I cannot ride a normal bicycle since I cannot afford to get all sweaty. The Emu bike’s nice, elegant design made me consider giving it a try. The first test ride was amazing. I realised that electric bikes have improved over the years. It’s user friendly, has a nice controller, you can set your way of riding (faster or slower) and has an illuminated LCD display. The numbers on the controller are big and easy to read and the bike has lights at the front and back if visibility is bad. The first day I had the same schedule as before. I left home at 5:35. It was clear within the first ten minutes that I was travelling much faster than before. I reached my destination in 40 minutes. I was very relaxed at work, the journey feels more recreational than a commute and has big influence on how I look by the time I arrive at the office. I’m not tired but I’m awake and ready to work. The journey back takes me 50 minutes thanks to traffic. But still I save almost 2 hours per day. Definitely a positive outcome in the first few days. This is what I like.


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