Matjaz's Emu e-Bike Story Pt. 2

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This is the second part of a three-part series of posts from Emu rider Matjaz. Read the first part and second parts of his electric bike experience.

Hello again. In the first part of this blog series, I ran through some basic facts surrounding the Emu electric bikes. In this part, I will discuss the ride. In the morning when there is much less traffic, the Emu eBike is a very suitable mode of transport. When I exceed a speed of around 17mph, the motor switches off, saving energy while also maintaining a solid commuting speed. If I opt to go faster, I have to use my own energy, but at such speeds it doesn’t feel like it. The electro-motor is extremely handy when it comes to riding up steep roads. I have eco 1, eco 2, city, tour, power or boost option on my controller which regulate the amount of power. Whatever I need and so far I never ever struggled to pedal uphill.

The battery is also brilliant. When I sometimes ride at 20mph, the battery works until I get home. I save more energy with the city or tour option, however. But I like speed. When I’m returning from work I usually come across a lot of traffic. Red lights are an irritation but the electric motor gives me enough momentum when I start to pedal that I gain speed very fast. This is very useful if I try to pass buses or cars at a junction. Most of the time I repeatedly pass the same cars for half of the way when I’m returning home. When the road is empty they pass me and few minutes later I pass them again. It gets funny from time to time.

The bike has 8 hub-integrated gears which help us control and regulate the power. They’re good for adjusting speed, depending on the terrain. Compared with other cyclists I’m pretty fast with little effort. Especially on hills. My acceleration is fast, but in terms of top speed, they are faster. But that doesn’t matter when I don’t need to put much effort in, anyway. The road can be full of scrap around the areas that I frequent. A lot of broken glass on the ground and sometimes it’s too hard to avoid it. The most common thing I do, without endangering myself or any other person in the traffic, is to ride over broken pieces of glass. It can be risky trying to avoid it if there are a lot of cars around, leaving me with no choice. So far I’ve never had a flat tire since the Emu is equipped with puncture resistant tires. In heavy rain, the mudguards were sufficient for the bike, since they cover big part of the wheel. But when I went over some deep puddles I ended up pretty wet from the splash! In the end everything worked, meaning the Emu itself is reliable in bad weather conditions. This part of the blog was mostly about bike on the street/road. Next time I will concentrate more on technology that this bike is uses. I’ll be in touch.


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