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Graham Taylor is one third of Mr Monty’s Fuss and Feed – a Surbiton-based business set up to care for cats in their own homes as an alternative to the cattery. (His partner Elaine, and cat Monty, make up the rest of the team!)

Getting around to each visit presents several challenges in this densely populated, built-up London suburb. So would an Emu power assisted bike help Graham overcome some of these problems? This is what he thought of the bike after a few days of using it to get around to his feline clients.

“It’s like sharing a tandem with Sir Chris Hoy!” I exclaimed as I arrived home after my first trip out on the Emu e-bike.

“Although we only service an area within a mile radius of our home, the visits don’t all fall neatly together. Some can be at opposite ends of our patch – and Surbiton has some pretty daunting hills!

“Efficiency in getting between visits is really important. We need to make sure no one is kept waiting for food and tickles, and we don’t charge for travel time. The electric bike was so much better than other modes of motorised transport. I could hop on and off and become a pedestrian when I needed to rather than be stuck in traffic as I would in the car or on my scooter.

“But the main benefit was not being intimidated by hills I would normally avoid on my pushbike – especially when I’m carrying the heavy bag I need for visits. I was really impressed I managed to tackle one pretty severe hill in particular and that I got to the top not at all out of breath or sweating.

“Many of the roads we visit are controlled parking zones which makes things a bit difficult. It determines the order of our visits to a degree as we try to avoid parking charges. Of course this wasn’t an issue with the Emu. And the kickstand was excellent as it meant I didn’t need to find anything to lean the bike against to lock it up.

“The controls are very straightforward and I really like the step-through design - it’s great for a chap of my age! While I had the Emu on loan, I had a bad knee, which made even walking painful. I think I would have found normal cycling tough but the Emu didn’t aggravate it at all.

“The suspension is good and it coped well with the large number of speed bumps around here – some of them surprisingly large.

“Nowhere felt out of bounds – even in the strong winds and rain we had during the trial period.

“Will I become a keen cyclist? Unlikely. But the Emu electric bike would certainly be an excellent tool for our small business. I’d probably cycle more and use it to go shopping too. A by-product would be more exercise so it could encourage me to get fitter.

“The Emu electric bike has all the good bits of cycling but without the effort!”


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