New Emu Electric Models Launched

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We are very pleased to announce that our latest models of electric bikes are now available with a selection of three battery types and a new colour handlebar display system. The new bikes include:

  • Racing Green Crossbar (above)
  • Step Through Blue
  • Step Through Black

New Battery Types

Our newest e-bikes offer a choice of three types of 36v batteries with differing Amp Hours. Amp Hours affects the distance the battery is capable of achieving from a single charge. Simply, the higher the AH rating, the further you can travel without the need for recharging. For more information, you can read our e-bike battery guide here.

Our newest crossbar and step through electric bicycles have a choice of the following battery types:

emu electric bikes battery types

Colour Handlebar Display

The brand new LCD handlebar display from APT Science and Technology is full of useful features which help make it easier to control e-bike settings and monitor your riding stats.

new handlebar display

These include: * Speed display (including average speed, max speed and real time speed) * Battery charge indicator * Odometer * Power assist control with 9 settings * Power indicator + USB charging port

With the display controller you can also password protect your e-bike. Without the correct code, the motor and battery power will remain off – completely disabling all electrical features. This added security helps deter thieves, but it is still recommended that you still use the Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 U-lock when leaving your bike unattended.

For more information, read our article on the handlebar display system here.


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