Top BBC Presenter John Inverdale says he's a "big fan" of his Emu Electric Bike

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BBC television and radio presenter John Inverdale recently took possession of two of our Emu eBikes, and now describes himself as a “big fan”.

As BBC Sport viewers will know, John does not just commentate on sports as diverse as rugby, golf, athletics and tennis, but also participates in a number of sporting pursuits himself. Among his many sporting passions is cycling, so we were thrilled when he expressed an interest in our electric bicycles.

One of the aspects that John said most appealed to him was that the eBike’s powerful electric motor would enable he and his wife to be more evenly matched on bike rides — it would even the playing field, so to speak — so we furnished him with a red men’s Emu model, and his wife a blue women’s model.

John received the bikes a few days before the start of the Wimbledon Championships, and soon used his on a few journeys to the All England Club for his commentating duties. More recently, he has been riding his Emu to Twickenham where he is preparing to cover the Rugby World Championship.

He told us that the journey from his home in Kingston upon Thames to the Twickenham stadium takes just 20–25 minutes on his Emu, and when he arrives he just puts a lock on it and goes — none of the frustration of being stuck in the inevitable heavy traffic on the way to the ground, or trouble finding a parking space when he gets there.

“I think the ease and the comfort is huge”, he observed. “I find the bike’s comfort genuinely almost surprising in how at ease I feel on it.”

John also drew attention to the versatility of using the eBike, being able to ride it like a normal bike, but having the power assisted motor available when you need it. “On a clear stretch of road, if you do find yourself a few minutes late, you can just click the thing into action and off you go — and you are not sweating buckets when you get to the other end,” he remarked.

But his Emu has not just been a convenient means of commuting to work, he and his wife have also been using it during leisure time. He told us, “We did some social cycling down in Sussex on some old railway lines that are now official cycle tracks,” adding, “going up hills, it does take the pressure off!”

So after a few weeks of use, it’s safe to say that Emu has a new fan in the successful sports presenter.

“The bikes comfort is surprising, and how at ease you feel with it. I find it a wonderfully easy and straightforward way of getting from A to B without sometimes the stress of everyday cycling, so I’m a big fan, I really am.”

If you’d like to experience the comfort and ease of an Emu eBike for yourself why not request a free trial? We’re confident you’ll soon be a big fan too.


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