Traffic grinds to a halt - choose an e-bike instead

Posted on By Emu Bikes,

With increasing information on car traffic moving ever more slowly in towns and cities and with the resulting increases in air pollution and smog. There is a real need to look at alternative, cleaner and greener transport.

The Evening Standard recently reported traffic speeds to be at just 7.8mph in London or as slow as the days of the horse and cart. On an Emu Electric Bike you could zip along at up to 15.5mph thanks to the pedal assist motor and average over 10mph on your journey. This means for many trips of up to 10 miles, an e-bike will often be your fastest choice.

With increased investment in cycleways in London it is becoming more practical, safer and cost effective to move around the capital by cycling. 

Traveling by bike also helps to keep you fit. With our e-bike pedal assist and six power settings, you can control how muscle power you would like to use if you want to arrive sweat free and looking smart at your destination.


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