Where Emu Hatched From?

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Emu Electric Bike Company was formed in 2014, and is a fully owned subsidiary of UK company - Delbanco Meyer. Delbanco has an 80-year history founded in 1936 and has brought a wide range of innovative new products to market.

The idea of entering the electric bike market, first appealed to Jonathan Rose, Executive Chairman of the company in 2009, when as a frequent traveller, he saw how the market and technology was burgeoning, particularly with the rapid development of powerful new lithium ion battery technology. He quickly became a keen user himself, abandoning his car.

He comments –

My electric Emu bike is the fastest way to commute around London for meetings. It has so many other benefits, I get my daily exercise going to and from the office and to other meetings. I save a small fortune in petrol, congestion and parking charges. I’m helping reduce pollution and finally I see parts of London I have never seen before. I love riding along canals or spotting an interesting building.

The aim was to bring something different to the market with the emphasis on style, but also value for money to expand the market for what is an economic, environmentally friendly and fun form of transport both for leisure and commuting.

Working with experts in both the UK and Europe, a bike was designed, selecting key components from well-known brands such as Shimano and Samsung to produce a product in striking colours to appeal to a wide market and with the re-assurance of a 2-year warranty.

This brought together an aluminium frame in with a unique built-in battery, that not only hid the battery, but placed it underneath the rider to give the bike perfect balance and manoeuvrability. Although hidden from view to add to the styling of the product, no compromise was made on battery power, with a 374Wh battery to power the rider for up to 50 miles.

A comprehensive package was developed including integrated lights, a comfortable saddle, a bell and even a USB port built into the LCD display for charging your phone.

Roam Free was chosen as the company slogan as a summary of the above and how customers should feel about their Emu.

The bikes have been sold nationwide, with many satisfied customers using them both for commuting, but also for the school run, carrying children easily and for leisure rides around the country and making hill climbs into molehills. It’s also perfect for a Saturday shopping trip, it is a great load carrier with its included rear pannier rack.


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